Weekly News: 3-7 April

TGP Europe fined £314,250 by UK Gambling Commission, Entain acquires 365Scores for £120m,Ontario's iGaming market generates CA$1.4bn in total gaming revenue in its successful first year and other news are here!

TGP Europe fined £314,250 by UK Gambling Commission for insufficient money laundering and player protection measures

The UK Gambling Commission has recently imposed a fine of £314,250 on TGP Europe, the parent company of the popular online sports betting platform, BetVision. The fine was imposed due to TGP Europe’s inadequate measures to prevent money laundering and ensure player protection. The company was found to have failed in conducting proper customer due diligence, as well as not having appropriate policies and procedures in place to prevent money laundering.



Entain acquires 365Scores for £120m to integrate real-time sports data and enhance customer experience


Entain, the global sports betting and gaming company, has acquired 365Scores, a leading sports data and content provider for £120m. The acquisition is aimed at enhancing Entain’s customer experience by integrating real-time sports data and content across its platforms. The deal is also expected to boost Entain’s expansion plans in the US, where 365Scores has a significant presence.


Ontario's iGaming market generates CA$1.4bn in total gaming revenue in its successful first year


Ontario’s iGaming market has had a successful first year, generating a total gaming revenue of CA$1.4bn. The market was launched in 2021, following the government’s decision to legalize online gaming in the province. The online casino segment accounted for the majority of the revenue, with slot games being the most popular. The success of the iGaming market is expected to continue, with more operators entering the market and new games being introduced.