7 steps to make Google Ads advertising even more effective

Google Ads is a great platform for ad campaign management, but when it comes to the detailed setup and customization of the platform, it can take considerable time. Check out 7 ideas on how to promptly set up a Google Ads campaign and have an efficient ad running in no time.

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1. Automated bid strategies
Automated bid strategies setup is one of the most frequent and at the same time simple tasks in Google Ads. Depending on what’s required, you can either plan regular bid changes based on the current campaign performance, or use one of many Google automated bid strategies (e.g. focus on the number of clicks, conversions, percentage of impressions received and etc.). When the first option will give you more control over the bets, the second is more suitable when you need to configure the rule in a short time.

2. Automated rules
Automated rules setting up is usually one of the first tasks when launching campaigns in Google Ads. If you need to plan temporary pause of your campaign, adjust keywords bids, or stop keywords with low efficiency, this tool is just what you need. There are plenty of different ways to use automated rules, and with the help of even the most basic settings it will save you considerable time.

3. Scripts
When you need to configure more complex rules for a campaign, it’s possible to use scripts instead of automated rules. Scripts can be helpful in a wide array of tasks: from managing your company budget or keyword bids to matching search queries and A/B testing results. Generally, setting up scripts scenarios takes more time than automated rules customization, but you can use some ready-made freely available solutions and adjust it to your goals.

4. Negative keywords
In order to prevent your ads from being shown to an irrelevant audience, Google Ads suggests using negative words. Search for negative words reminds the search of the keywords and can be carried out with the help of Google Ads tools. After all the negative words are listed, it is possible to apply the list for all the campaigns at once, or for individual campaigns. In general, the list of negative words is wider than the keywords list, so you’ll need some time for the search, but it most definitely will pay for itself very quickly.

5. Recommended versions of ads
The text of the ad is one of the most important and at the same time the most variable part of the campaign. You can experiment endlessly when writing the text of the ad, and such feature as recommended versions of ads in Google Ads will be a great help in that matter. The peculiarity of working with such tool is that the more ads you have created, the better the algorithms understand what texts to recommend for your ads.

6. Exclude placements
Exclude placements feature is similar to creating a list of negative words because here you can create a list of URLs and YouTube channels, where your ads will not be placed. To speed up your work, we suggest you look for a freely available list of placements recommended for excluding, so you could be sure that your ads aren’t placed on sites that can cause any brand damage.

7. Data visualization
Google is very good at visualizing ad campaign data, and using these tools will help you to make your ads more effective. E.g. filters and columns can be of great help in evaluating campaigns. Keep the most frequently used ones in view (such as “high price”, “keywords without conversion”, “keywords with a certain conversion”), and you will always be aware of the effectiveness of your ad campaigns. Also, pay attention to the Google Ads widgets, these tools are always in view, and when properly configured, show you the most important campaign data.

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