7 strategies for scaling up Facebook ad campaigns

There are a number of different strategies for scaling up high-performing Facebook ad campaigns, with each one having its own specifics. Read on to learn the basic strategies you can use to scale up almost any of your ad campaigns.

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Other GEOs

If your ad campaign is performing well in one particular GEO, there is a good chance that it could be as profitable in another GEO. Even if a particular campaign does not support other GEOs, it’s always possible to adapt the campaign settings for other locations.

Lookalike audience

Having a lookalike audience is a good way to scale up a marketing campaign. Just make sure that you’ve got at least 100 people (preferably even more) in your initial audience, so the lookalike audience you’re creating is targeted more precisely.

In order to get the most relevant lookalike audience, audience size should range from 1% to 3% of the combined population of your selected locations (1% of this lookalike audience will consist of  people most similar to your source, so a higher percentage will create a bigger, broader, and, therefore, much less accurate audience). Depending on traffic quality, it is possible to increase this percentage. When working with direct advertising, you can create a lookalike audience from the list of phone numbers and emails that you have.


A retargeting campaign, where an ad is designed to convert users who interacted with your ad previously, is a very effective tool. The most important step when setting up such a campaign is finding the target audience with high precision. It’s recommended that you create an audience based on people who visited or spent a specified amount of time on the target page, or who’ve watched more than 75% of the promo video, for example.

Marketing objective

If your advertising campaign has succeeded in attracting more traffic, you should try changing the marketing objective (switch to getting more engagement, such as with likes, responses, and claims) in order to scale up the whole campaign. In some cases, attempting to get more video views would be a good strategy.

Marketing campaign duplication

In order to get more leads, you can duplicate your marketing campaign, thereby possibly doubling the results of the initial campaign. Facebook marketing algorithms are quite specific when it comes to the audience that has already seen your ads, so you can be sure that the new campaign will be aimed at a part of the audience that hasn't seen your ads yet. A partial change of audience and an increase in the duplicated campaign budget are some additional options for getting more leads. After all, the best way to find more leads is to keep on testing different approaches and stick to the one that works best.

Daily budget increase

Increasing your daily budget for marketing campaigns will almost certainly help you to get more leads. However, you shouldn’t expect a financial increase to be proportional with the increase in leads. In other words, it’s highly unlikely (due to the specifics of Facebook's marketing optimization algorithms) to get 10 times more leads after increasing your budget by 10 times. Moreover, there is a high chance that the budget increase will lead to a rise in the price per lead. The optimum strategy here will be to increase the budget gradually (by no more than 20%) and keep an eye on the results.

Change of advertising account or ad creative

Any ad creative will eventually stop working efficiently. This is due to many different factors, such as ad frequency, relevance, competitors, etc. That’s why it’s a good idea to try new visual creatives from time to time (you can focus on changing the visual while leaving the main ad idea just the same). The same is true for your advertising account: due to a number of factors, the same campaign launched from different accounts may show different results. Therefore, in order not to compete with your own advertising, you need to distribute your ads among accounts in a way that yields the maximum possible benefit.

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