Facebook updates: ads in the Groups tab and multiple text optimization

Facebook has announced two updates to increase its ad inventory: ads in the Groups tab and multiple text optimization. What should you know about these novelties?

One of the updates will allow ad placements it the Groups tab and is being tested by a small number of advertisers.

Such an update makes it possible to extend your mobile news feed campaigns to the Groups tab, so the targeted users will view the ad content from all the groups they belong to. Targeting capabilities for such placements are said to remain the same as other ads, as well as there are no additional options to target users based on their group memberships. It’s been almost 2 years since Facebook has switched up its news feed algorithm, and started to show users more posts from family and friends while demoting content from businesses, brands, and media. Thus, the new update offers brands the chance to build an engaged community with users, as there is a high chance that those interested in the particular group content will be responsive to the ads inserted in groups tab.

Another update is a multiple text optimization feature that allows advertisers to create several versions of headlines, ad copy and descriptions for single-media ads.

The new feature makes it possible to create several versions of headlines, ad copy and descriptions with Facebook’s algorithms dynamically serving up the combination that delivers the best results. Such a feature can also be used in order to find the most responsive audience to different ad combinations and features. Multiple text optimization is quite similar to the Google Ads responsive search ads launched last year. Thus, Facebook takes one more step towards the application of machine learning in the process of distribution of advertising content.

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