How to Choose a Market: Top countries for iGaming Business

The iGaming industry is a fast-growing sector that has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. With advances in technology and the rise of online gambling, the iGaming industry is expected to continue growing at a rapid pace. Choosing the right market is crucial for any business, and the iGaming industry is no exception. With the global online gaming market predicted to reach $100 billion in 2024, it's important to identify the countries with the most potential for growth and profitability. 


In this blog post, we will discuss the top countries for iGaming business and the key details and nuances you should be aware of when working with affiliate programs.

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Choosing the Right Country for iGaming Business


The process of seeking the best location for your business needs can be divided into several essential steps. 


The first step is to understand the size of the market. This can be done by looking at existing numbers and statistics, such as the following:


  • The number of people in the country who play online gambling games (and how many of them are willing to spend money on such activities)

  • How much revenue these players generate for companies in the industry through their in-game purchases

  • Whether there are any restrictions on advertising or marketing activities related to igaming products and services


Secondly, it is crucial to determine who your competitors are in that country. It's also important to note that your competitors are not just other igaming companies. They can be offline casinos and other types of gambling businesses, or even online gaming sites that offer similar products and services. It's also worth considering how your target market will respond to your product or service offering, as this will affect the type of competitive analysis you need to conduct. 


When choosing a country for iGaming business, it is also a good idea to consider costs, taxes, and other economic factors. The tax system can take a big bite out of your profits, so it is a good idea to look for a place where taxes are low. This is also connected directly to the whole legal system of the country. Choose a location with the best jurisdiction for your business.

  • Select a country with a good reputation. The first thing to consider is whether people will trust your brand. If they don't, it won't matter how well regulated or taxed it is – you won't get any business. Choosing a country with low political, economic and social stability can lead to a variety of problems, even if it seems  the cheapest choice. 

  • Choose a country with well-regulated igaming laws and regulations. The second thing to consider is whether there are restrictions on what kind of games can be played, when they can be played, and by whom; if so, determine whether these rules align with your business plan before deciding where to start up shop.

Top Countries for iGaming Business


  • United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is one of the most established and regulated iGaming markets in the world. It has a large and mature audience, high internet penetration, and a strong gaming tradition. The UK Gambling Commission provides a stable regulatory environment for operators, making it an attractive market for companies looking to expand.

  • Malta

Malta is a popular licensing jurisdiction for iGaming companies due to its favorable tax rates, efficient licensing process, and well-established infrastructure. It also has a highly skilled workforce and a favorable legal system, making it an attractive location for companies looking to establish a presence in Europe.

  • Gibraltar

Gibraltar is another popular licensing jurisdiction for iGaming companies, with a well-established regulatory framework and favorable tax rates. It also offers a stable political environment and a highly skilled workforce. Many major iGaming operators are headquartered in Gibraltar.

  • Sweden

Sweden has a large and growing iGaming market with a highly regulated environment that offers a high level of player protection. It also has a strong gaming tradition and a high standard of living, making it an attractive market for operators looking to expand.

  • United States

Although the US has a complex regulatory environment for iGaming, it is one of the largest and most lucrative markets in the world. Several states have already legalized online gambling and more are expected to follow. The potential for growth and profitability in the US market is huge.

Details and Nuances of Working with Affiliate Programs in iGaming Business


While the overall affiliate marketing system functions similarly in all spheres, if you want to be active in iGaming affiliate marketing, some extra attention should be paid to these factors:


  • Commission Rates – When choosing an affiliate program, it's important to consider the commission rates offered. Higher commission rates may be more attractive, but it's essential to ensure that the program offers a fair commission structure overall.

  • Payment Options – Affiliate programs should offer a variety of payment options to ensure that affiliates receive their payments in a timely and convenient manner.

  • Marketing Materials – The quality of marketing materials provided by the affiliate program can have a significant impact on the success of your iGaming business. Ensure that the program provides high quality marketing materials tailored to your specific market.


Final words


In conclusion, choosing the right market is crucial for the success of an iGaming business. The countries mentioned above offer a stable and favorable environment for operators to expand and grow their business. It is important to consider various factors, such as the regulatory environment, tax rates, infrastructure, and potential for growth, when choosing a market. By carefully evaluating these factors, businesses can position themselves successfully in the global iGaming industry.


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