How to increase CTR in context advertising?

Contextual advertising is one of the most effective ways to increase website traffic today. In the previous article we mentioned the main contextual campaign strategies. Today we are listing 5 useful features to help you to increase contextual-advertising CTR.

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Adaptive ads

In order to make your ads fit well in different platforms, Google AdWords allows you to manage color and ad formats. Thanks to this feature, it’s possible to choose how the ad is displayed on different websites, and whether it will make the ad color settings as relevant to the website as possible or stick to the original ad colors. It’s also possible to choose which formats are displayed. There are 3 options available: all formats, native only, and all except native.

Targeting in Google AdWords

Add all the audiences you are interested in to your Google AdWords campaign via "Observation" settings. This way you’ll be able to keep track of that setting's performance and use the results for your future targeting. Note that with this feature enabled, the reach of your campaign or ad group isn’t affected in any way, so it’s a great way of keeping track of various audiences.

Targeting in Facebook

In order to expand the reach of your Facebook ad campaigns, you can create an audience based on video views. Step 1: launch a video ad with broad targeting. Step 2: create a new audience based on everyone who has watched the video (it’s better to include views with only a high level of engagement). Step 3: create a lookalike audience based on the new data and use it for targeting in further campaigns.

Conversion price in Google AdWords

It can be useful to set a bid strategy in order to not exceed your budget. The settings can be found in "Portfolio bid strategy", where you can set the betting cap. Thanks to this feature, you’ll be able to avoid unnecessary spending for your advertising campaigns.

GSP (Gmail Sponsored Promotion) campaigns

You can increase GSP-campaign CTR by using custom emails. Such emails look much more like a real message rather than simply an advertisement, so the chances of having a greater CTR are also higher. To remove the logo icon, you can turn it into a transparent image, which is then displayed when the ad is expanded (by the way, the logo can be replaced with visuals that give more relevant information for your target audience).

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