How to increase website traffic?

How to increase traffic to a website? While plenty of strategies have been described on how to attract the target audience to your website, the basics remain the same. No matter what vertical you’re working with, there are a number of ways to attract traffic when working with the top traffic sources. So what are the main strategies to generate traffic?

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1. Search engines (organic search).
When properly configured, search engine optimization is able to keep traffic increasing for a long time. Special attention should be paid to the creation of quality content and presenting it in the most advantageous ways.
  • Gather keywords relevant to your industry and use them to create a clear website structure.
  • For better results, it's advisable to prepare content based on these gathered keywords.
  • Be sure to give enough time for writing good headings, descriptions, and snippets. The SERP for your website should make people want to follow the link.
  • In order to create convenient and clear website navigation, you need to use a modern design, a minimum number of distractions, and straightforward ways for users to interact. It’s also important to have high-speed page loading, and to optimize the site for mobile platforms.
  • Keep your own blog and publish material regularly.
2. Search engines (paid advertisement).
One of the most effective options to increase website traffic remains paid advertising in search results.
  • Before starting an advertising campaign, make sure that the website navigation is simple and clear.
  • When placing the ads, make sure that each segment of your target audience has its own unique ad text/visual.
    • Once the campaign is launched, continue to test different keywords, audiences, and creatives. When enough data is collected, let only the most effective ads do the work.
3. Email marketing.
Although more and more companies today prefer using messengers and social media rather than mailing to attract traffic, this marketing channel can still be effective.
  • In order to form an audience interested in your product, you need to create a number of lead magnets that would be relevant to your target audience. These could include offering discounts, competitions, or useful case studies.
  • Set up an automatic email newsletter that matches user behavior. This could be a welcome message for new subscribers (e.g. a short email explaining how the site works), or an email that helps users get to know the features of the product.
  • Remind users about your product from time to time: send subscribers a selection of the latest articles on the site, updates on new products, and industry news.
4. Website visits (direct clicks).
Regular readers who visit the website via a direct link make up the base of the site's audience.
  • In order to increase direct website traffic, you need to increase awareness of the website. In other words, you need to engage in brand marketing. A good strategy for this is content marketing based on your top demands, website advertising, and cooperating with influencers.
  • Thanks to QR codes, it’s relatively easy to attract clients from offline to online. The main challenge is to create a lead magnet relevant to your target audience.
5. Website visits (indirect clicks).
In order to increase website click-throughs, it’s important to choose authoritative and trustworthy resources where you can place links to your website.
  • Links can be placed on websites of services designed to help find answers to various questions.
  • You can use various internet forums, depending on the vertical you’re working with. Communicate with the target audience and invite them to your website.
  • Create blogs on popular websites devoted to your topic.
6. Social networks.
Social media can be extremely useful for building brand loyalty, increasing awareness of the brand, and reaching out to influencers in your product area.
  • Analyze social media strategies of your competitors, and choose media platforms for your brand based on your findings.
  • Include your contacts and website link in every social media or public page (the link can be duplicated when publishing the content).
  • Publish news on different social media and work with the influencers in your product area.
  • Hold various competitions and organize promotions (visiting the website in order to take part in the promo can be one of the targeted activities).
  • Use social network gimmicks and innovations, from live broadcasting to podcasts.
  • Create ads in order to promote your pages on social media.

Feel free to use other ways of increasing website traffic. When creating content, don't forget to look for good reach and low competition keywords. Respond quickly to info points, experiment with new formats, and you won't have to wait long for traffic to increase.

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