iGaming in Japan: small journey to a fast-growing world

Forbidden fruit is the sweetest, as they say. Still think it’s not true? Take a closer look at Japan's iGaming industry. Lawful restrictions made it almost impossible to develop. But the desire was much bigger. What’s going on now? Japan’s iGaming has become one of the most prolific industries in the world. And that’s just the beginning.

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Gambling in Japan is strictly restricted. If violated, it can be punished up to 5 years of imprisonment, forced labor, or a large fine. But we all know, laws are made to be broken. And here it is. Now gambling business is rapidly being legalized in Japan.


What is legal now in Japan? The choice is really limited. If we speak about legal options,  pachinko and lotto are sure to be listed. Do not forget about sports race betting. Now it includes horse racing, motorboat racing, bicycle racing, and motorcycle or auto racing. 


We are all different. And so do the Japanese. These 3 things for you to know to get success in the Japanese gaming market:

  • personalized contents and services are a must;
  • minimalistic approach and technical side are really appreciated;
  • bright characters and Japanese animation still attract youngsters.


Really want to succeed in the Japan gaming industry? Then work hard on localization. Think about graphics, fonts and sounds. If you need to make the game easier or more difficult, then take the gameplay into consideration.


The Japanese keep up with the times. They do enjoy cryptocurrency: more than 67% of the population uses bitcoin wallets. Same cannot be said about usual money platforms. Neteller or PayPal are not at all in favor in Japan.


The Japanese like everything local. So it’s not a big surprise they do prefer using the local music streaming service LINE. As for world-wide platforms, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram are the first on the list in the country. 


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