Romania's Booming Online Gambling Market: Trends and Insights

Romania has emerged as a lucrative igaming market, with impressive growth and record revenues in recent years. The remarkable surge in online gambling activity in Romania can mainly be attributed to the Euro 2020 football championship. This event led to a staggering 90% rise in online gambling within the country, showcasing substantial growth. Notably, Romania only legalized online gaming in 2010, making this expansion even more remarkable. Romania presents an enticing market for online gambling enterprises, both local and international, due to its population of over 19 million, thriving economy, and vibrant cities like Bucharest. As a result, numerous online casinos and iGaming companies, both from within the country and overseas, are now exploring the potential for expansion in Romania. Let's take a closer look at some key statistics that shed light on the online gambling market in Romania.
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Vast Market Potential

Romania boasts a population of over 19 million and a rapidly growing internet penetration rate, making it an untapped market for iGaming operators. The country's tech-savvy population has shown an increasing interest in online gambling, leading to a surge in demand for iGaming platforms, casino games, and sports betting activities. This provides a fertile ground for affiliates to tap into a vast pool of potential customers and generate substantial revenue.


The Romanian gaming market is currently valued at £900 million, indicating significant growth over the past three years. As of January 2022, there were 16.79 million internet users in Romania, accounting for an impressive 88% of the total population.


Regulatory Framework

One of the primary reasons behind Romania's appeal is its well-established regulatory framework for online gambling. The country introduced its first comprehensive gambling law in 2015, ensuring a transparent, fair, and responsible gaming environment. 


The National Gambling Office (ONJN) oversees the licensing and regulation of remote gambling activities, thereby creating a reliable playing field for operators and providing players with a secure online experience. By obtaining a license from ONJN, operators can legally target the Romanian market and work with local affiliates.


Popular Forms of Online Gambling

Sports betting is the most popular form of online gaming in Romania, accounting for approximately 58% of the market. Online casinos hold a 36% market share, while poker attracts about 2% of online gamers. There is also a smaller number of players engaged in bingo and lottery.


Sports Betting Preferences

Football is the most popular sport for online betting in Romania, as is the case in most of Europe. However, Romanians also enjoy betting on other sports such as tennis, rugby, and surprisingly, gymnastics.


Online Gambling Platforms

Currently, web apps are the primary method for Romanians to gamble online. However, the use of dedicated betting apps on smartphones is rapidly increasing and is expected to surpass the popularity of web-based apps in the future.


Taxes and Fees

Online casinos and sportsbooks in Romania are subject to various taxes and fees. These include an authorization fee, annual license fee, responsible gaming contribution, and other miscellaneous fees. Additionally, online gamers must pay taxes on their winnings, with a low tax rate of 1% for most winnings up to a certain threshold.

Nevertheless, Romania's thriving gaming industry might face a setback with the government's proposal of a 40% tax on all withdrawals. The Association of Remote Gambling Organisations (AOJND) warns that this could drive players to illegal operators. They are concerned that changing the gambling laws might push players and developers away, leading to a decline in the Romanian gambling market.


Player profile

About 2.4 million Romanians gamble at least once a year, with an estimated 1.3 million gambling online. Regular gamblers are typically single men living in cities, with an average household income of €562. About a third of weekly gamblers fall within the age bracket of 18 to 24.


Expanding in Romania: Affiliate Marketing Opportunities


Romania has emerged as a top choice for expansion, thanks to its unique advantages in the online gambling industry. One of the key factors that sets Romania apart is its stable political environment, ensuring a secure platform for iGaming operations. Additionally, the country has implemented progressive legislation that supports compliance and fosters the growth of the industry.


Romania's robust telecommunications infrastructure further enhances the online gaming experience, providing reliable connectivity. With a thriving financial sector and the licensing provided by the National Gambling Office (ONJN), Romania offers legitimacy and smooth financial transactions for iGaming businesses.


Moreover, the potential for profitability is evident with a Lifetime Value (LTV) ranging from 400-500 EUR. Cost per Acquisition (CPA) rates vary depending on the marketing channel, which are as follows:


1. Doorway: 90-100 EUR

2. Facebook apps, UAC, In-App, etc.: 130-150 EUR

3. ASO: 160-200 EUR

4. SEO: 180-230 EUR

5. PPC (Cross-Brand): 200-250 EUR

6. PPC (GKW): 230-270 EUR


Overall, the favorable market conditions and attractive LTV and CPA rates make Romania a highly advantageous destination for expansion in the iGaming industry.

Looking ahead, the future of the Romanian iGaming market appears promising. Industry experts predict continued growth and diversification, driven by technological advancements, regulatory stability, and evolving player preferences. 

At RevenueLab, we recognize the immense potential and opportunities that the Romanian igaming market presents for affiliate marketers. With careful planning, market analysis, and the right strategies, companies can capitalize on the thriving online gambling industry in Romania and achieve significant success.


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