Traffic arbitrage: webview apps

Webview applications are becoming a more and more popular option for traffic arbitrage in the gambling vertical. This option guarantees several advantages that classic advertising campaigns fail to provide.

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1. Loyal moderation.

For casino ads shown in a pre-moderated application available in the AppStore or Play Market, the content inside the application is generally trusted to a higher extent than the majority of other ads. Therefore, when placing ads in an app, you can count on greater loyal moderation for your advertising networks.

2. Users segmentation.

Segmentation of users is performed in the application itself. So in cases where a user fits the pre-defined parameters, the application shows an advertisement of your campaign. If the user doesn't fit these parameters, the app will just show any other campaign.

3. Wide targeting. 

Since application ads are not limited to the most popular networks, such as Facebook and Instagram, you will be able to target audiences in other networks and use various ad formats.

4. Low competition. 

In order to work with a webview application, you’ll need access to the app, so the number of competitors is significantly lower than in classical advertising.

Advertising with webview applications usually involves the use of classical advertising strategies, with Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and search engines being the most popular traffic sources.

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