What Is Traffic Arbitration and How Does It Work?

When it comes to business, especially the gambling and betting industry, traffic is the most valuable resource. No matter how innovative your platform may be, it won’t attract players if they do not know it exists. To generate those FTDs, people have to learn about your site first by clicking an ad, hearing from their favorite influencer, or stumbling upon the link in a search.
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Traffic arbitrage is the strategy that gets you the people you need. Instead of struggling to generate it on your own, arbitrage allows you to partner with professionals (known as publishers or webmasters) through an affiliate offer. In such an offer, you as a business (also known as the brand) commit to paying affiliates for traffic they generate at a lower cost and redirect onto your platform or casino, usually by placing ads and commercials on their own sites and media. By way of traffic arbitration, you can attract more potential players to your site



When agreeing on an offer, the business and its affiliate choose their preferred tariff for payments. In online gambling, a brand usually pays an affiliate a fixed price per new player or agrees to share revenue proportionally to the affiliate's traffic contribution. 

Once the partnership is signed, the affiliate will start campaigns to generate traffic and redirect it onto the brand’s platform. The most common forms of affiliate strategies include Search Engine Optimization through gambling-related keywords on big websites, social media and influencer marketing, as well as classic pop-up and banner ads that help capture users’ attention and lead it to a gambling or betting platform. This way, publishers can generate a stream of potential players for your platform, with some certainly becoming your first-time depositors. 


As a marketing strategy, traffic arbitration is second to none for expanding the overall customer base and boosting conversion. It is especially useful in gambling, since it helps generate targeted traffic in a highly competitive environment, and provides sites that utilize it with a significant edge.


And to learn more about what traffic arbitrage is, which payment models best to use, read detailed analyzes in our blog dedicated to traffic arbitrage in the gambling and betting industry.


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