Particular features of working with different GEOs

It’s widely popular to work with a number of different GEOs at the same time, especially when the GEO you’re working with is already showing good conversion rates. But what is the best way to adapt your advertising campaign for each of them? In this article, we'll be looking at the most efficient strategies for working with several GEOs.

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Take into account GEO specifics

If some particular GEOs are listed as available for an offer, then it’s most likely that there is a high demand for the advertised service. However, it would be a good idea to check demand for the same service in other GEOs. It would  also be helpful to pick the advertising channels with the highest priority. For example, in a country with a developed mobile internet and cheap communication, you shouldn't dismiss the possibility that mobile traffic will show the best conversion rates.

Speak as locals

Despite the fact that advertising written in English will be understandable to pretty much everyone, when an ad is written in the local language of your GEO, it will look more credible, and, even more importantly, native speakers will read it much faster. The same applies to the landing page because clicking on an ad in one language is expected to lead to the landing page in the same language. Otherwise, when users have to translate the landing page, it leads to much lower conversion rates. Translating ads and landing pages yourself will end up costing you much less than not budgeting for these resources.

Set up targeted advertising

If you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to target your ads more accurately and manage bets for each specific GEO, it's helpful to consider separating your ad campaigns according to the principles of GEO-targeted advertising. Setting this up will take some time, but the ability to set different values for each GEO is worth the wait (especially when the campaign is not designed for a mass audience and requires a detailed configuration).

Take into account GEO analytics

There are many factors that influence conversion rates for the same campaign in different GEOs. Public opinion, audience preferences, economic reasons – all these factors can affect the conversion rate. However, since it is quite difficult to keep up with current affairs, when working with various campaigns we advise you to take into account the analytics for each GEO you are working with.

Be ready for competition

Keep in mind that there are many competitors in the most popular GEOs, and some of them will be acquainted with the local markets much better than you are. That’s why you should be prepared for competition and check the market specifics along with the ads your competitors are using. This will help increase the chances of your ad campaign standing out.

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