Making Money in Gambling with RevenueLab: – How to Start?

Making money on gambling at RevenueLab. Where to start? If you are taking your first steps in working with gambling offers, you must have a lot of questions. How much do webmasters who specialize entirely in this vertical earn? What is the difference between gambling creatives, pre-landings and landings, and the ones for other fields? Where can I find traffic for an online casino?

We’ve done our best to answer these and other questions in this article.

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The first and foremost: Money

Usually, webmasters who’ve never worked with this vertical are mostly interested in the income amount. We won’t give the numbers here, since the money you can make on gambling depends on numerous factors: an offer, GEO, promotion method, creativity, and so on. Instead, we’ll tell you how to monetize the gambling traffic.

We offer webmasters the following monetization models:

  • CPA (Cost Per Action, payment for actions). Even inexperienced affiliates should know this method of paying users for performing a desired number of actions. As for online casinos, usually you get paid for registration, subsequent deposit, and gambling activity.

  • Revenue Share (a share of the revenue). This model implies paying an average of 35-45% of the amount the player lost. This payment system is the most profitable for a webmaster. In this case, a once-attracted person keeps generating income for several weeks

  • CPL (Cost Per Lead, payment for registration). Here, everything is simpleюAn affiliate is rewarded for each user who clicked on the link and successfully confirmed the registration. We can offer this model only after discussion .

A Hybrid revenue model based on the Revenue Share and CPA models is subject to individual discussion.

Our affiliates can choose any of these monetization systems. We recommend starting to earn money from online casinos with the Revenue Share model. A personal manager will help you choose an offer to get started; they'll also select creative and promo content in the corresponding languages.

Whom we attract

There is no unified portrait of the “perfect gambler” since the statistics provide different data on online casinos’ target audience in different countries. But the average gambling fan  shares certain general features in almost any GEO location.

2 bn (1).png

The most active gamblers are working solvent men aged 25 to 44, who enjoy passive leisure activities in front of a computer or gadget. Usually, the iGaming audience not only gambles, but plays traditional online games as well. At the same time, these people want and have money to replenish their accounts. Gamblers actively use torrents, online cinemas, adult websites, entertainment portals, social media, and dating apps.

There are also many female gamblers, but the female audience is more difficult to target – it requires a different kind of creativity and approaches. Thus, affiliates prefer to convert men only.

Online casinos and sports betting attract people who either have an addiction (ludomania), an interest in  ways to “beat the casino”, an eagerness to double their savings quickly, and a belief in good luck.

Whom we don’t attract

The idea that poverty-stricken people, who are interested in earning money easily and quickly  on the Internet, get easily addicted to online casinos is nothing but a myth. Usually, a person with a small income  isn’t ready to invest their last money and would rather not make any deposit at all. Therefore, they won’t bring any income to an affiliate.

Targeting the  under-23 audience is also unlikely to bring the result you want – young people aren’t solvent enough.

Which creatives work and which don’t

If you are eager to get a stable income from online casinos, you must have high-quality creatives. Eye-catching banners with information about bonuses for beginners, beautiful women, luxury items, and videos demonstrating the winners’ emotions bring the best conversion in this vertical.

A few chips that show great results with a skillful approach:

  • addressing a user on first-name terms

  • an imperative call to action (“click...”, “play...”, “take...”)

  • indication of a time constraint (“only today”, “right now”)

  • issues that concern a potential target audience

Promises of easy earnings without investment, a win-win lottery, and other freebies also usually deliver high conversion. But this kind of creatives mainly tends to attract the insolvent audience, which is unlikely to gamble.

What you should know about landings

A landing page is the key element that motivates a user to perform a desired action. The conversion rate and, accordingly, the affiliate’s income depend on its quality.

Here are the two best-working types of content in the vertical:

  • News. Local stories about someone’s tidy winnings in casinos and related events. Be sure to big up these stories, for example, by using screenshots and videos from high-profile news sources with your text or background sound. And don’t forget to use names from your targeted GEO.

  • Success stories. For example, you can tell your audience about the lucky ones whose lives have totally changed after winning the game, or about people who have developed a scheme to beat the casino, not forgetting to mention the brand you need as often as possible.

The two important requirements for information on gambling landing pages are that it's believable and that it's of local interest.

How to choose an offer

Gambling is quite a broad field. Affiliate programs imply three groups of offers:

  • online casinos (includes roulette, spins, slot machines, blackjack, etc.)

  • betting (sports betting)

  • poker rooms (online equivalents of poker clubs)

If you work according to the Revenue Share model, you should choose the most “losing” option. Gamblers most often make large deposits at slot machines, lotteries, and roulette. Less often  at bookmakers and when playing card games.

Generally speaking, the “losing rate” criterion is far from the only one to consider when choosing an offer. If you already had steady traffic sources when you switched to affiliate marketing, you should select an offer depending on the target audience that you can attract from there. Besides, you should also consider the preferable GEO and your financial resources.

The only piece of advice we have for beginners is not to accept all the available offers at once. You’d better choose one niche in the field, study it thoroughly, test different traffic sources and creatives, understand what works and what doesn’t, and get your first tidy earnings. Then it will be easier to switch to another niche of the vertical.

Traffic sources

3 bn (1).png

We accept any unmotivated traffic source. Over the course of our work with affiliates, we’ve understood which of them convert the most active players. And here is our list of the top 5 sources.

Social media

Webmasters, who work with gambling offers, didn’t at all benefit from tightening the advertising rules. Today, many bloggers and public admins refuse to show casino ads – they don’t want to be blocked. However, there are still workarounds, and many affiliates successfully attract traffic from VKontakte, Instagram, and Facebook. In addition to direct advertising, cloaking (spam) and massliking are still working methods.

A separate mention should be made to TikTok – a social network that gives high conversion of gamblers. The service has quite  stringent moderation. All gambling and near-gambling creatives usually become blocked quite quickly. But there are workarounds:

  • Posting light creatives unrelated to gambling with a link to the offer in the profile instead of the one in the video

  • Posting neutral creatives with a link to a Telegram channel in the video, where the user will be warmed up before they go to the landing.

  • Creating or buying multiple accounts with “selling” offer videos in the hope that at least some users will watch the creative before it is blocked.

  • Comments (attention: you can’t post links in the TikTok comments) that encourage users to go to the profile page where you’ve left a link to the landing or Telegram channel

  • Creating a page with a few light creatives and holding a stream with a link to the offer in the description – the chances are that the service algorithms will bring at least a hundred viewers to the stream


For years, there’s been a typical scheme for getting steady traffic from Telegram:

  1. You create a channel with a “beating the casino” scheme on behalf of a former developer or an experienced gambler, for example. It’s important to think of a plausibly detailed legend.

  2. Make up a few thousand subscribers. There should be at least 10 posts with a personal history, “hacking” instructions, and screenshots of reviews from grateful subscribers.

  3. Attract “real” subscribers. Look for them at the channels related to cars, sports, news, fishing, memes and so on, with a male audience aged 25-45.

This kind of channel can generate a solvent target audience for a long time.

There are other ways to promote gambling offers in the messenger.

Organic traffic

SEO is one of the best traffic sources due to the high user engagement. Those affiliates who plan to use search engines to steadily attract leads for a long time usually create general-topic sites-reviews, monobrand mirrors of the original casino, or websites dedicated to one particular game.

Bringing a gambling site to the top search results and holding its position there can be rather expensive due to tense competition and high expenditure on:

  • buying content.

  • buying a link mass.

  • website setup and design.

Nevertheless, with due diligence, the traffic from SEO can pay off many times over the costs incurred.


Those who have recently joined affiliate marketing often have no idea what doorways are. And some experienced affiliates believe that this source of leads is totally obsolete. In fact, these generated one-pagers with text full of keywords and flashy banners are still working and generating traffic. You can squeeze the maximum of potential players out of the chain of such doors without significant financial/time costs. The main thing is to get a grasp on how doorways work and understand what to do so that the site isn’t blocked by a search engine.

Contextual ads

Contextual ads are a good source of high-quality traffic. You can use them to attract a solvent target audience interested in additional earnings. However, you’ll have to invest certain funds to promote your advertising campaign, as well as to properly configure it so that the ad can be successfully moderated.

Instead of conclusion

In this article, we’ve done our best to tell you everything a beginner needs to know about making money from gambling. If your ambition to earn from traffic to online casinos, poker clubs, and bookmakers hasn’t disappeared, you should dig into creatives and work with different sources. Dealing with gambling offers is an interesting and quite profitable activity when approached in a competent and diligent manner.

Here at RevenueLab, we are ready to help you with this new vertical – to undertake routine tasks of interacting with partners, collecting statistics, and dealing with financial issues. We also help with promotional materials and other aspects of this activity so that you can focus on the most important thing:attracting traffic and making money.


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