New function in the updated RevenueLab - connecting Traffic Source to tracker links

On the “About the Offer” page, and in the “Link” section, is Traffic Source. This section stores information on traffic sources. Each user who clicks on a link with the traffic source will be recorded and included in the statistics.

Previously, traffic sources could only be linked to non-tracker offers. Now it is also available for tracker offers.

Let's take a look at what Traffic Source is and why you should use it to work with tracker links.

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What is a Traffic Source?

Traffic Source is a website, doorway, or one of the PPC advertising types from which traffic comes. Basically, this is the source through which people find an offer.

Why Traffic Source is useful for you?

Previously, when you worked with tracker offers, you saw traffic statistics that weren’t grouped by source. Tracker-offer statistics had been grouped into “default source.”

Now, if you add a Traffic Source to your tracker links, you can filter new data for specific traffic sources. In your personal account, in the “Statistics” section, the collected information will be grouped by Traffic Source.

These detailed statistics on traffic sources will help you increase  profit, allocate the budget to the best sources, and spend it on offers that are more suitable for the tracker.

Each tracker link has a unique Traffic Source number. Based on these numbers, we record conversion information and user data to display them in statistics. Thus, directing traffic becomes more convenient.

How to connect data to Traffic Source?

  1. Open the offer page in your account.
  2. Choose a traffic source among those that the manager added to your account.
  3. Copy the link — Traffic Source is already attached to it.

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