RevenueLab Update: Support Chat

The new update of RevenueLab has added a support chat. You can now submit your questions and report issues on our website. Thanks to this, we have reduced the average response time to 15 minutes during business hours!

How to send a request?

With the update, you may notice a new message icon. Click on it to open the request section.To send a request, click on the create request button in the upper right corner. 

In the request form, specify the subject of the request and describe the problem in detail. So that we can better understand the essence of the request — attach files or screenshots. 

Then click “Send a message” — the manager will reply to you soon.

After sending the message, you will be able to find your request in the requests list. It will be automatically sorted by last reply time. Requests that contain unread messages will be marked with a pink dot in the “Status” column.

To view the full message history, click on the request.

In the thread, you will see all messages on the specified request topic. Here you can continue the correspondence and attach additional files.

After the manager completes your request, click on the Resolve button to close the request.

Pay attention that after closing the request you will no longer be able to write a message to the manager in this chat. You will need to create a new request. Close the thread only after your request has been completed!

After the manager resolves your request, rate his work. It is important for us to receive feedback in order to improve the platform!