World’s Top 10 Gambling Countries list from RevenueLab

It is crucial to have an understanding of which GEOs are the most lucrative for every gambling affiliate. Let’s find out what are the countries where people literally feed on the thrill of gambling.

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10. Spain
Despite the fact that gambling is fully legalized in Spain, casinos or slots are not the population’s first choice. What Spanish people are truly passionate about is sports betting, which shows in the abundance of various bookmakers. $418 of average gambling spendings a year places Spain at the bottom of our list.
9. Greece
Being close to one of the Europe’s biggest gambling hubs – Cyprus – Greece certainly gets affected, otherwise, it wouldn’t have ended up on our list. Although Greeks are taking gambling in a slightly different direction. While poker and online casinos do have their places in the lives of Greek people, they mostly prefer taking part in nation-wide lotteries, where they can win millions of dollars, given that they’re lucky enough. On average, they spend $420 a year on their gambling delights, which includes the lottery tickets costs.
8. Norway
The Norway’s gambling policy is quite strict, as it allows only 2 gambling operators to handle the entire industry. But even in such harsh conditions people somehow manage to spend $448 a year on bets and online casinos, which is in part to the credit of their general well-being.
7. Hong Kong
One can’t find a nation more fond of gambling than citizens of Hong-Kong, due to a simple fact that it’s almost completely prohibited in the country. Still, there is a single company operating in Hong Kong that accepts bets and organizes lotteries. And that is enough to set average yearly spendings at $500.
6. Italy
Italians are all about poker, and their poker team is actually among some of the strongest in the world. They also treat casinos with great respect, as those have been running in Italy since the 17th century. Italians are not afraid of indulging themselves in gambling activities, spending on gambling $517 a year per person.
5. Macau
Gambling is strictly prohibited in China, however this prohibition does not apply to Macau. Over time, the city has become one of the largest gambling centers in the world. In 2018, the net profit from gambling was $38 billion. The Macau Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau acts as the regulator of the gambling sector in this area. There are currently 38 casinos in Macau, including gambling establishments of really big players such as Wynn, Sands and Melco Crown.
4. USA
The iGaming industry in the US is now estimated at $261 billion. There are now 1.8 million people working in gambling. The revenues of the gambling sector have been steadily increasing since 2010. The largest gambling centers are Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Online casinos are especially popular today due to the development of computer and information technologies. Pandemic also has played a big role in the boost of online gambling in 2020. Today, 88% of the US population uses the Internet. Keep in mind that 68% of them use mobile internet. It’s important to note that the federal government isn’t a major regulatory authority in the US. The point is that each state has its own iGaming regulatory policy.

Americans are one of the most competitive nations in the world. It can be said that this is a characteristic that is transmitted from generation to generation. Their “positivity above all” mentality allows them to easily spend small (and sometimes weighty) sums of money and continue playing.

The average wage in the United States is $900+ per week. So it’s just another indicator showing that Americans are a great target audience for gambling.

3. UK

The UK gambling market is steadily growing. In 2018 the revenue of the gambling industry was estimated at £14.9 billion. Studies show that 32% (⅓ of the whole population!) british people gamble at least once a week.

It is important to note that online-gambling is completely legal in this GEO.

The gambling market is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. The regulatory authority monitors all online casinos, blocks illegal operators and issues new licenses. The UKGC license is highly valued all over the world because this license is pretty hard to get. The point is that UKGC makes high demands to all operators to protect the interests of all British players. According to the UKGC standards, all operators are obliged to audit their activities on a regular basis. In addition to this, licensees must also comply with all specifications of the regulatory authority. What is more, operators are also required to restrict access to their websites to gambling addicted players. UKGC insists that operators must inform all players about negative gambling influence and opportunity of self-exclusion.

Proceeding from the UKGC 2018 studies’ results:

  • 46% of respondents have gambled at least once in the last 4 weeks since the survey was conducted.
  • 32% of British citizens gambled the previous month.
  • 55% of players gambled on their mobile phones. In 2017, this number was 51%.
  • Only 0.7% of respondents are gambling addicted.
  • 23% of players bet on sports.

2. Canada

Canada is the second largest country in the world, but not the largest in terms of population. The official languages are English and French, so you should know which language is spoken in the region which you want to start working in.

Interesting facts:

  • Almost 80% of Canadians gamble.
  • The average player is between 30 and 36 years old.
  • 76% of players treat gambling as harmless entertainment.
  • Only 3,2% of respondents are gambling addicted.
  • 82.4% of online players are men, 17.6% are women.

1. Australia

There is no doubt that Australia is one of the most promising GEO for gambling. So there is a few useful facts about the target audience:

  • Australians are very competitive (even more competitive than the above-mentioned Americans). Online casinos generate circa $2 billion ($1,300 per person) annually.
  • The population of the country is 25.6 million. 11,7 million of them are Facebook users. So using FB apps can be very profitable.
  • The average monthly income of citizens is 4-5 thousands AUD.
  • Surprisingly, the most popular games are not slots, but various card games.
  • The government is actively fighting illegal online casinos. ACMA quickly blocks most of the illegal online casinos.
  • About 80% of all Australian traffic is mobile. The most popular sources are Google, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.
  • Currently, the value of the Australian market is estimated at more than $150 billion.

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