World’s Top 10 Gambling Countries

It is crucial to have an understanding of which GEOs are the most lucrative for every gambling affiliate. Let’s find out what are the countries where people literally feed on the thrill of gambling.

10. Spain
Despite the fact that gambling is fully legalized in Spain, casinos or slots are not the population’s first choice. What Spanish people are truly passionate about is sports betting, which shows in the abundance of various bookmakers. $418 of average gambling spendings a year places Spain at the bottom of our list.

9. Greece

Being close to one of the Europe’s biggest gambling hubs – Cyprus – Greece certainly gets affected, otherwise, it wouldn’t have ended up on our list. Although Greeks are taking gambling in a slightly different direction. While poker and online casinos do have their places in the lives of Greek people, they mostly prefer taking part in nation-wide lotteries, where they can win millions of dollars, given that they’re lucky enough. On average, they spend $420 a year on their gambling delights, which includes the lottery tickets costs.

8. Norway
The Norway’s gambling policy is quite strict, as it allows only 2 gambling operators to handle the entire industry. But even in such harsh conditions people somehow manage to spend $448 a year on bets and online casinos, which is in part to the credit of their general well-being.

7.Hong Kong
One can’t find a nation more fond of gambling than citizens of Hong-Kong, due to a simple fact that it’s almost completely prohibited in the country. Still, there is a single company operating in Hong Kong that accepts bets and organizes lotteries. And that is enough to set average yearly spendings at $500.

6. Italy
Italians are all about poker, and their poker team is actually among some of the strongest in the world. They also treat casinos with great respect, as those have been running in Italy since the 17th century. Italians are not afraid of indulging themselves in gambling activities, spending on gambling $517 a year per person.

5. Finland
Another Nordic country on our list, and another peculiar situation with gambling. It is fully regulated by the government, in fact, the government goes as far as opening community casinos for everyone to attend. At the same time it sends those who exceed $120 a year in gambling spendings to a doctor for mental therapy. Nonetheless, this doesn’t stop Finnish people from spending far more, amounting to $560 a year.

Canada is famous for its gambling freedom, and the local population (along with Americans residing far from the Mojave Desert) is using it to the fullest. Casinos, bookmakers, lotteries as well as online gambling activities involve up to 75% of the Canada’s population, which also serves as an additional influx of funds to the national budget, as all the winnings are getting taxed. Yearly spendings in Canada are $570.

3. Ireland
Online casinos came to Ireland not so long ago, but their popularity keeps rising from year to year. However, what really makes an Irish heart pumping faster, is greyhound racing. We can only speculate on why the sight of our furry friends chasing after the bait excites Irish people so much, but either way, there’s a significant betting market, so it’ll work for us. Love for animals sets Ireland at $600 a year.

2. Singapore
Singapore’s gambling is booming, but not without some restrictions. In order to simply enter a casino there, one has to part with a hefty sum of money, which can be discouraging, but the numbers are speaking for themselves, and the gambling costs are averaging at $1100.

1. Australia
Sitting at the top of our list, Australia can be called a gambler’s paradise, as it provides all kinds of entertainment, from slots and casinos to betting and lotteries. Pair that with a no-tax-on-winnings policy, and you’ve got a perfect place for attempting to win big at. Australians themselves are not shying to spend up to $1200 a year on gambling.

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