Making Money in Gambling with RevenueLab: – How to Start?

Making money on gambling at RevenueLab. Where to start? If you are taking your first steps in working with gambling offers, you must have a lot of questions. How much do webmasters who specialize entirely in this vertical earn? What is the difference between gambling creatives, pre-landings and landings, and the ones for other fields? Where can I find traffic for an online casino? We’ve done our best to answer these and other questions in this article.

Advertiser's personal account

We’re pleased to announce the creation of personal accounts for advertisers at RevenueLab. All statistics on your programs are now in one place!

New function in the updated RevenueLab - connecting Traffic Source to tracker links

On the “About the Offer” page, and in the “Link” section, is Traffic Source. This section stores information on traffic sources. Each user who clicks on a link with the traffic source will be recorded and included in the statistics. Previously, traffic sources could only be linked to non-tracker offers. Now it is also available for tracker offers. Let's take a look at what Traffic Source is and why you should use it to work with tracker links.

RevenueLab Update: Smartlink

The new RevenueLab update introduced the ability to connect a smartlink. In this article, you can find out how smartlink works, where to connect it, and whether it is useful for you.

World’s Top 10 Gambling Countries

It is crucial to have an understanding of which GEOs are the most lucrative for every gambling affiliate. Let’s find out what are the countries where people literally feed on the thrill of gambling.