Google Ads expands gambling advertising in new regions

Google has announced a new update to Google Ads gambling and games policy will see the light before the end of the month. New adjustment will allow running gambling adverts through the platform in Colombia, Kenya and Nigeria, and expand the range of US states in which it’s allowed to promote betting services.

Our new campaigns: and Betzest

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Particular features of working with different GEOs

It’s widely popular to work with a number of different GEOs at the same time, especially when the GEO you’re working with is already showing good conversion rates. But what is the best way to adapt your advertising campaign for each of them? In this article, we'll be looking at the most efficient strategies for working with several GEOs.

Our new campaigns: Melbet, Joo Casino, N1 Casino

Meet Melbet Casino, where players can enjoy a wide range of games, including slots, table games, live games, and many others. Melbet Casino provides its customers with excellent customer service and top-quality gaming experience. An eye-catching website, easy to use interface, efficient design. The offer is available to play instantly through a web browser or on the go, and it’s ready to convert your traffic at the highest rates.

7 strategies for scaling up Facebook ad campaigns

There are a number of different strategies for scaling up high-performing Facebook ad campaigns, with each one having its own specifics. Read on to learn the basic strategies you can use to scale up almost any of your ad campaigns.

Switzerland and other GEOs: compilation of gambling campaigns

1. Online gambling has been legalized in Switzerland since 2017 (only winnings exceeding $1 million are taxable); 2. The overall number of internet users in Switzerland exceeds 90% of the population. And over 70% use mobile internet on a regular basis; 3. Switzerland ranks 19th in the list of countries in terms of the highest GDP and 3rd in terms of the income level of the population; 4. The most popular social network is Facebook. Instagram, Telegram and French SkyRock are following.

How to increase CTR in context advertising?

Contextual advertising is one of the most effective ways to increase website traffic today. In the previous article we mentioned the main contextual campaign strategies. Today we are listing 5 useful features to help you to increase contextual-advertising CTR.

How to increase website traffic?

How to increase traffic to a website? While plenty of strategies have been described on how to attract the target audience to your website, the basics remain the same. No matter what vertical you’re working with, there are a number of ways to attract traffic when working with the top traffic sources. So what are the main strategies to generate traffic?

Traffic arbitrage: webview apps

Webview applications are becoming a more and more popular option for traffic arbitrage in the gambling vertical. This option guarantees several advantages that classic advertising campaigns fail to provide.

Canada and other GEOs: compilation of gambling campaigns

According to the official Canadian regulator, almost 80% of all residents of the country from 18 years old are involved in some form of gambling activity. And whereas betting is expected to be one of the main entertainments in Canada, the online casino industry is also showing a growth trend and attracts more and more players from year to year. We’re presenting to you a selection of gambling campaigns for Canada and other GEOs.

Finland and other GEOs: compilation of gambling campaigns

The first quarter of 2019 revealed a developing trend in the online gambling sector of Finland. Q1 of 2019 revealed a growth in gross gaming revenue, as well as increased spending on the lottery. Meet Finland and other GEOs in our campaign compilation.

RevenueLab moved to a new platform

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