Best Online Casino Affiliate Programs 2022

Best Online Casino Affiliate Programs 2022

As of today, it is challenging to imagine the development of the gambling industry without strong casino partnerships with leading brands. The online gambling niche is becoming more profitable every year. In 2022, the market is valued at $72 billion, and experts predict growth of 12%. Numerous online providers offer online casino affiliate programs to build these partnerships and promote gambling platforms. Read our comprehensive guide and learn how to become a casino partner as well as what types of earnings with online casino programs are available on the market today.

What Is An Online Casino Affiliate Program

Affiliate programs are marketing programs where affiliate earns profit by using their websites to bring new players to the casino. Affiliates are rewarded for every action of the players. By actions is meant the registration or deposit payment by the player. You’ll receive a commission every time someone clicks your link and completes the required transaction. 

How Does It Work

Players come to the online casino through banners, text links and other content. You earn commissions based on the wagering activity of these players. Publishers receive online casino  related traffic to their websites and then the visitors are redirected to online casino sites through unique affiliate links. Revenue is determined based on the players referred to the gambling site and number of deposits. 

Different Types Of Earnings With Online Casino Programs

Best online casino affiliate programs provide a great opportunity to turn a creative output into real money. It is essential to support a transparent payment system in place if you as an affiliate are willing to successfully operate on the market. Luckily, there are four main types of payment schemes that are commonly adopted by modern affiliate platforms. 


If the online casino and the affiliate company enter the revenue-share-based agreement, it means that the latter receives an income in the form of a percentage of player’s lifetime losses or, in other words, casino’s revenue that was generated by the number of referred gamblers. This payment model is a win-win for both parties, as the affiliate receives a lifelong income and they are also highly prompted to bring more traffic to the online casino website which is beneficial for gambling operators. Generally, with trustworthy and reputable affiliates, the revenue share can be around 50% and there will be no negative carryover. 


Cost Per Action model implies that the commission is earned by the affiliate platform every time a certain action is taken by the player. It must be the action the gambling platform deems fit – completing the registration, watching a tutorial video, topping up a gambling account, or playing a particular slot or table casino game. As of now, this model is used by online casino affiliate programs the most often. 


Cost Per Lead payment model is used in affiliate programs infrequently. The affiliate is getting a commission for every converted lead it creates. In other words, the payment is made for every player who registers with the casino or downloads software. Nowadays, this payment scheme is not so commonly used because a lot of companies are trying to get paid more by applying questionable methods for finding and reporting leads. 

Hybrid Models

Mixed or as it is also called the hybrid model is a profitable blend of both CPA and revshare or more customized options. It is a great chance to create the best deal that will satisfy all the needs of both a gambling platform and an online casino affiliate. For example, the payment may consist of a set price per player plus some percentage of the general revenue share. 

How To Become An Online Casino Partner

As was stated earlier, the affiliate is a company or simply someone who assists the casino in enlarging its customer base. When you sign up as an affiliate you will get the tracking link that will allow you to monitor the gamblers’ activity that joined the wagering website through this link. That is the simple approach that enables the operator to determine affiliate’s commission rate and generated by each gambler revenue. Below we outline the main steps you need to take to enter a gambling partnership. 

  1. Choose casino brands for the site
  2. Find affiliate programs for the brands you choose
  3. Sign up for all affiliate programs
  4. Contact a personal manager and agree on the terms
  5. Put links to the site and monitor the effectiveness of the placement
  6. Get money from affiliate partner

1. Choose casino brands for the site

At the very beginning you need to decide what casinos you put on the site. You need to choose the most converting casinos (which are also called brands or offerers). This is the most difficult and responsible stage. To earn as much as possible, and even more so not to lose money you need to have a lot of experience and expertise. There are a huge number of surprises when choosing brands. Read more about this in the following sections on this page:

65% Rate or The Real Revenue Share

Low Retention of the Affiliate Program

Causes of poor income in different countries

2. Find affiliate programs for the brands you choose

At this stage, everything is simple enough. Although sometimes it is not easy to find an affiliate program for the selected casino. Below you can find a list of the affiliate programs we work with. We work with a total of over 500 affiliate programs and over 2,000 casinos. Not all of them are equally profitable. Always remember how to choose the right brands!

3. Sign up for all affiliate programs

But this stage is more complicated than it may seem. On the whole it is simple, but sometimes it causes serious problems. Often affiliates take quite a long time to answer new partners, sometimes up to several months. Managers do not have time to answer everyone, so they give priority to the existing partners.

But getting your account approved is much harder. Not everyone is often accepted into affiliate programs. And be prepared for the fact that you will have to prove that you have traffic and its good quality. By registering with Revenuelab, you get access to all the brands we work with (over 2000).

4. Contact a personal manager and agree on the terms

Managers don’t always answer quickly. It’s not always possible to negotiate with them. It is difficult to get the best conditions. Since Revenuelab gives affiliates traffic in large volumes, it is easier for us to negotiate individual conditions for each publisher. 

It is necessary to track the effectiveness of offers. To effectively compare brands, you need to collect all the information in one database. To do this, you will have to create your own data collection system and dashboard to analyze this data. Revenuelab has a unique advanced platform where you can get statistics on all brands. 

6. Get money from affiliate partner

Once your site has earned money, there would seem to be the easiest and most pleasant stage left: the withdrawal of the money. But even here, not everything is as smooth as we would like it to be, especially for large publishers. According to the feedback from our partners, the payout is one of the main reasons why they work with us. 

The gambling industry has a specificity of calculation, the specificity of the payments. It is not always clear:

  • what the money came for
  • from which affiliate company the money came
  • why there were corrections
  • why the traffic was cut off

It is necessary to reconcile all payments manually. It is necessary to understand why there is a correction and why they paid less. Each time you need to contact the affiliate and prove that the traffic was quality and the brand should return the money. 

Also, in order to get money from the affiliate, you have to reach the minimum amount. If you stop working with an affiliate, the money will be frozen until the minimum amount is reached. Players can lose money even years later. And every time you have to go to your personal cabinet and check if the minimum amount is reached again. It is not very convenient to check your balance every month in all the affiliate companies, even those you do not work with anymore. Not to mention not small money, which can be frozen in total on all affiliates for an indefinite period of time.

Another inconvenience is that different affiliates pay income at different times, with different payments. And this imposes its own inconveniences on the reconciliation of all payments. 

Revenuelab has a large financial department, which together with the Business Development department, as well as the legal department, solves all problems at this stage. Revenuelab accumulates all payments and sends one payment to your convenient means of payment. Even if some brands did not have the minimum amount to withdraw, you will get all the money, which are in personal accounts of all affiliates. Revenuelab managers will solve all financial disputes to your advantage.

Best Casino Affiliate Programs

If you have already seen lists of top gambling affiliate programs, then think about how objective they are? Who made those lists? What kind of expertise does their authors have? Can they be trusted? Do they really work attentively with gambling affiliate programs? Maybe you are just being redirected by a referral link to a randomized affiliate program? is a global aggregator of affiliate programs that brings together many advertisers from the iGaming industry and publishers from around the world.

We are not an affiliate network. Thus, we choose the offer based on its actual effectiveness. No internal preferences, just numbers and analytics. 11 years of experience in iGaming industry help us with this. Remember, we earn money only if you earn money!

The experience of our team of professionals and thousands of our partners helps us to select the best affiliate programs individually for each geo. Our team knows why each af prog is profitable in some geos while at the same time isn’t profitable in other geos. It’s important to analyse which aff prog suits your website best!

Below we explain different factors that effect affiliate program’s profitability. We have gathered statistics on hundreds of affiliate programs from thousands of websites. We know who shaves, who raises admin fee, who has low retention and much more.

65% Rate or The Real Revenue Share

Low Retention of the Affiliate Program

Causes of poor income in different countries

65% Rate or The Real Revenue Share

A higher revenue share rate does not mean better. The real rate of revenue share in most partnerships is different from what they promise you.

A deposit of €20 was made in the player’s personal account using the referral link

Program promises 60% of NGR. Our earnings should be 60% of NGR which is €3.72. 

€6.2 * 0,6 (rate) = €3.72

To summarize, the Effective Net Gaming Revenue (the amount of money deposited and lost) is 

€6.20€20100 % = 31 %

which is very bad!

Finally, multiply the advertised revenue share rate with the Effective NGR to see your real revenue share rate, e.g:

  • 25% * 0.31 = 07.75 %
  • 30% * 0.31 = 09.30 %
  • 35% * 0.31 = 10.85 %
  • 40% * 0.31 = 12.40 %
  • 45% * 0.31 = 13.95 %
  • 60% * 0.31 = 18.60 %

Let’s look at another example. The program promises a revenue share of 45% of NGR. 

For the deposit of USD 27.09 our commission was USD 12.19.

Our commission should be 45% of the Net Gaming Revenue, which means that the Net Gaming Revenue is USD 27.09.

To summarize, the Effective Net Gaming Revenue (the amount of money deposited and lost) is 

$27.09$27.09100 % = 100 %

which is a great result!

Finally, the advertised revenue share rate is the same as the real revenue share rate, e.g:

  • 25% * 1 = 25%
  • 30% * 1 = 30%
  • 35% * 1 = 35%
  • 40% * 1 = 40%
  • 45% * 1 = 45%

Does it mean that this affiliate is better than the others? This affiliate has a high rate, exactly as it is declared. But this is not the only criterion which defines the profitability of an affiliate partnership. The income can be low due to the following reasons: bad bonuseslow wagerconditions of withdrawallow retentiondependence on geolicense and many other reasons. Read more about this.

For our affiliates, we choose programs based not on rates, but on the real profitability of the program.

Low Retention of the Affiliate Program

Customer Retention Rate should also be taken into account. It means the ability of the company to maintain a long-term relationship with the client. For us, it means how well the affiliate works with the players. Whether they do a mailing list, whether they encourage players to come back to play and how well they do it. It can be individual bonuses, cashbacks and a ton of other things. Some brands do it very poorly and players may never come back to the casino at all. Whereas in other cases, players come back for years leaving tens of thousands of dollars in the same casino. In these cases the commission continues to add up all these years to your publisher account.

Causes of poor income in different countries

There are many reasons for income variation: payment systems, people’s mentality of the chosen country and many others:

  1. Bad bonuses. The bonuses that the casino offers are not attractive enough compared to other casinos.
  2. Bonuses in another country’s currency. If you promote an Australian casino showing it’s bonuses in euros, don’t expect high conversion rates.
  3. Payment systems. If the casino does not have popular payment systems for the promoted country, it will also have a negative impact on revenues.
  4. The speed of withdrawal. In some countries, according to the licenses there are no restrictions on the withdrawal of players (e.g. Switzerland). And this is what we see in the case above. In such cases, the list of the best partners changes a lot.
  5. Licenses. In some countries, such as the UK, local licenses can impose certain restrictions, which is not beneficial to the players themselves. As a result, players prefer a casino with an offshore license. 
  6. Poor localization. Different countries have different local issues. Sometimes the affiliate may be marketed worse than the casino’s landing page. These issues can include local bonuses (or the absence of the country’s national holiday bonus), technical support in the local language or dialect, etc.

Why you should work with us

1. Communication with brands

You don’t need to communicate with a huge number of managers of different brands. You don’t have to haggle with every affiliate and beg for the best deals from them.

Every day affiliate managers write to site owners and offer their terms. Publishers have to negotiate, refuse, compare and analyze offers with everyone. Communication takes a lot of time. The publisher can’t focus on getting traffic.

2. Good relationships with brands

We have good relationships with brands. The affiliates themselves offer our publishers money to use to buy advertising.

3. Best deals

We get the best deals. Working with brands directly, you get deals depending on how much traffic you bring in. Working with us you get the best deals right away. 

4. Lifetime rate

When working directly with a brand, if you stop bringing in traffic, the affiliate lowers the rates very quickly. For example, brand A gave you a rate of 45%. But after a while you decided to work with another affiliate. And stopped bringing traffic to brand A. This means that in 1-3 months brand A will reduce the rate from 45% to 25%, as you no longer bring him traffic. And despite the fact that your players continue to lose a lot of money each month in the casino, your rate will be cut to 25%. When you work with us, you get a lifetime rate. And once you stop bringing traffic to the brand, you’ll still get your 45% for years to come. 

5. Payments

We provide the best service for consolidated payment of your income. We also help resolve all financial disputes with brands and payment systems.

6. Communication with brands

Statistics for all brands are in one place. Many publishers cannot do site analytics without a ready-made system. Revenuelab is the only platform in the world that collects aggregated statistics for all possible deal types (revshare, CPA, Hybrid) and all platforms

7. Expertise

Revenuelab has been on the igaming market for 11 years. We work with different traffic for many countries. We have a large amount of data on profitability. If you work with a brand for the first time, you cannot understand how profitable it is until you spend traffic on it and analyze the statistics for several months, comparing it with other brands. Only after these steps can you roughly understand how profitable the brand is. But in those months, you’ll already be missing out on some of the profits. Read more about choosing the right brands.

8. Additional income

Revenuelab knows how to count and sell flat feelisting feecontent feeguarantee payment. Revenuelab is the only one in the iGaming world who knows how to do this and does it systematically for its publishers.

9. Solving Legal Issues

Solving legal problems is, unfortunately, not uncommon in our business. Our legal department helps to solve them.

For all active users of RevenueLab we launch a full cycle of legal support. A team of professional lawyers will help you with the following issues:

  • Assistance in resolving disputes with advertising market regulators around the world;
  • Assistance in drafting, processing and approving legal documentation in any language;
  • Support of the process of registration of companies, opening bank accounts and accounts in payment systems;
  • Assistance in obtaining a residence permit for you, your employees and their families;
  • Consultation on topical issues in any jurisdiction.
  • We help to eliminate the cause of non-payment, if you have blocked the account.
  • We consult on working with banks and payment systems

Partners about Revenuelab

Read all reviews.

What Is Sub-Affiliate Gambling Partnership

Sub-affiliate casino partner is a company or an individual that has entered the affiliate program upon the affiliate reference and such company or person was previously approved by the online casino. Sub-affiliate networks allow brands to get access to multiple affiliate partners and grow their programs fast. 

Many affiliates are focused on content creating and targeting a new audience with no proper and effective means of monetizing such content, and that is why they need a sub-affiliate partner, so they can manage their affiliate business properly and effectively. 


Considering the information we presented in this article, you can understand how difficult it is to choose a profitable affiliate program just for your traffic. We choose brands based on 11 years of experience and statistics in iGaming. And we adjust our selection daily based on newly available statistics.

By choosing any affiliate program, you will earn money either way. But it’s your choice that determines how much you earn. The difference in income in the long run can vary by 10 times. So approach to a choice of the partner program with all seriousness. You do not have to work with affiliate programs through us. There is a directory of affiliate programs we work with below. Some of them are really worthy of attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Casino Affiliate Work?

Online casinos pay affiliate websites for their services for promoting the gambling platform via links and advertising banners. 

What Types Of Revenue Can I Get Working With Affiliate Casinos?

There are 4 main types of earnings – Cost Per Action, Cost Per Lead, revenue share, and hybrid scheme. 

What Are The Benefits Of Gambling Partnership?

Among gambling partnership benefits there is increased traffic, a larger consumer base, and the opportunity to track gamblers’ activity on the casino site.

How To Become A Casino Affiliate?

Create your website, fill it with relevant content, attract a new audience, apply and enter one of the affiliate programs, increase casino website traffic and get your earnings.


The LvBet Partners was created to promote multi-platform online gambling brand LVBet. The platform is easy-to-navigate and it is accessible on any device including smartphones or tablets. Affiliate program offers its affiliates a commission that can reach 40%, CPA and Hybrid plans and no negative carryover policy to start every month from scratch. In addition, new partners are given the opportunity to earn an increased commission rate from revenue sharing model in the first two months of their work with the program.

9Winz Affiliates

9Winz Affiliates is a slightly new affiliate program on the market that was created in 2020 to promote online gambling brand of the same name called – 9Winz Casino. This online casino targets mostly to the one market – Indian, which allows affiliates to get a good conversion rates.


AffAlliance is an affiliate program that was created to market several online gambling brands called Golden Lion, Bovegas and Eclipse Casinos. This affiliate program offers affiliates new brands to promote, a choice of commission plans and stable payments.

Aff.House Affiliates

Aff.House affiliate program was created to promote online casino brand called VipSlotClub Casino. This affiliate program offers affiliates to promote a popular brand on the gambling market, attracting new users. In return, affiliates will receive lifetime payments by choosing any of the several commission plans presented, as well as a user-friendly design and interface of the program for tracking statistics.

AffArea Affiliates

In 2018, the AffArea Affiliates affiliate program appeared in the online gambling segment, providing webmasters with the opportunity to earn money on traffic monetization for two well-known brands. This program offers three models of income generation and pays out twice a month with no limits on the maximum amount.

Casino Portugal Afiliados

The Casino Portugal affiliate program allows you to receive regular income by attracting users to the casino of the same name. The only cooperation model offered is Revenue Share. Participants receive 40% of the site’s profit from attracted customers. Each user registered on the site has the opportunity to earn money on an affiliate program.

All British Afiliates

Appeared almost immediately after the launch of the casino of the same name. It allows you to receive regular passive income by attracting new players to the site. One model of cooperation is proposed – RevShare. On it you can make a profit on an ongoing basis. Participation in the affiliate program is available to every user registered on the casino website.

79 Affiliates

79 Affiliates is an affiliate program that was created to promote several online casino brands – Refuel Casino, Mount Gold Casino, Amok Casino and Raptor Casino. Refuel Casino’s official affiliate program is a great way to earn extra money while promoting brands affiliates trust. The commission rate offered by this iGaming company starts at 30% and can be higher depending on affiliates performance. In addition, affiliates can choose between several payment models to find that suits best.


AffVip is an affiliate program of one online gambling brand – 14Red Casino. This program was created to successfully promote the brand in the gambling market. With the help of affiliate support, the company promotes its own brand to attract new players, in response, the program offers stable payouts once a month, good conversion and commission without admin fees.


AffRepublic is an official affiliate program that was created to promote several brands – Wild Tokyo Casino, NeedForSpin Casino and Rolling Slots Casino.

888 Affiliate Program

The 888 affiliate program was created to promote online casinos and other projects of the 888 family, including a bookmaker, a poker room and a bingo platform. For each site, certain commissions and earning models are provided, which are described in detail on a separate page of the site. 888 is a large and well-known brand in the gambling industry, which in 2014 had an official affiliate program 888 Affiliates. All promoted projects are licensed and available in different countries. 888casino’s main brand resource is translated into 10 languages and allows webmasters to refer players from many countries.


AffBritish affiliate program has appeared almost immediately after the launch of the casino called WinBritish. This program allows affiliates to receive regular passive income by attracting new players to the brand. AffBritish offers partners to earn on different payment schemes, providing all the necessary promotional materials and statistics for successful casino promotion.

Rootz Affiliates

Rootz Affiliates is an affiliate program that was created to promote Wildz Casino, Caxino Casino and Wheelz casino. Established in 2018 and owned by Rootz Limited this iGaming program allows webmasters to generate income safely and comfortably through traffic from their sites with 25% and up to 40%, monthly revenue shares earning potential increased commission by alternative deals such as CPA plan, which can help to earn more. Rootz Affiliates has a license of the Malta Gaming Authority.

Rootbet Affiliates

Rootbet Affiliates was created to promote online gambling brand called Roobet Casino. This online casino offers players access to NetEnt, Big Time Gaming and Pragmatic Play games from their website or app – available for mobile devices as well. With multiple languages supported on the website, this casino has a Curacao gaming license. This program offers affiliates stable commission, timely payments, as well as a user-friendly interface.

SilverSands Affiliate Program

Silver Sands Affiliate Program was created to promote online casino brand of the same name called Silver Sands Casino. Silver Sands offers its players games from the most popular providers, such as Real Time Gaming software. This program offers classic commission payout plans, fast payouts and easy navigation thanks to well-known software.

13Aff Partners

13Aff Partners is an affiliate program created to promoted Cosmic Slot Casino. 13 Affiliates offers webmasters commissions up to 50% on revenue shares plus alternative deals. This program has an easy and understandable platform where affiliates can monitor players activities without efforts, receive assistance with any questions or issues around it (including real time updates), as well as take an advantage of promotion where new members can earn maximum rates during their first month.

Shadow Affiliates

Shadow Affiliates was created to promote online gambling brand called Shadow Bet Casino. Shadow Affiliates is a program that offers revenue share up to 45% for new deposits of attracted players to the brand. Shadow Bet has a variety of providers in the collection such as Netent, Microgaming, Betsoft Gaming and many others. This company has licenses of Malta Gaming Authority, UK Gambling Commission and the Government of Curacao.

Scandy Partners

Scandy Partners is an affiliate program created to promote online gambling brand called NordSlot Casino. Scandy Partners offers a commission plan based on the first-time depositors referred by affiliates. The standard rate ranges from 20% up to 45% and additionally there are CPA deals available which can be negotiated at any time during partnering period.

Royal Partners

The Royal Partners affiliate program has been operating since 2017 and attracts webmasters with profitable payment models and a large collection of promotional materials. The affiliate promotes three well-known licensed casinos with a high conversion of registered users into active players. The partner has developed a user-friendly website and a functional administrative panel for creating marketing materials and tracking statistics with cuts by projects, audience and other indicators. In addition, partners are provided with a great support from managers.

Samurai Partners

Samurai Partners affiliate program was created to promote several online gambling brands – Spin Samurai Casino, Casiqo Casino and Wildfortune Casino. These casinos have games from Quickspin, Red Tiger Gaming and Thunderkick available on desktops and mobile versions. This company has a license of Curacao.